Search by holiday

You can add multiple destinations well in advance of your departure date. HOLiD8 will notify you when people who match your critera will be at the same place at the same time!

Search by location

When you are in your resort, HOLiD8 will search your criteria within a radius around your current location...

Precision Matching

HOLiD8 will create specific lists based on who you’ve liked, who you’ve disliked and who likes you! Making it easy for you to change your mind or instantly match other users!

How it works

  • Enter your holiday destination & dates

    Simply enter your holiday destination & dates for HOLiD8 to search users that match your criteria.

  • Make decisions on potential matches

    You will then be prompted to make decisions on whether you think they are; Hot, Not or Superhot!

  • Start chatting and arrange your HOLiD8!

    If you mutually agree that you’re hot, it’s time to turn up the heart. Select your Match list & start chatting to arrange your first HOLiD8.